Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Daily {W}Rite June 2o17 WK o4

Friday, June 23
A month since my 69th birthday. Guess it's time to get back to work on my blog. I need to, really. I mean, I'm just wasting away doing nothing that even resembles being creative. All day long I sit and watch TV, sleep until 2 pm every day and basically watch myself go down into those deep, soggy depths of just not giving a fuck about anything. Yeah, I know, "snap out of it! Get a job! DO something." I can hear you saying it before you actually read this entry. And I've taken steps to get myself out of this "I don't give a damn" loop I've created for myself. I get up earlier, go out for a ride on the bicycle and . . . started writing again on this blog.

Friend of mine from Las Vegas, New Mexico sent me a short video of him playing and singing one of my songs. Here're the lyrics:

DOWN (Down chords: dm, DM, G, F, dm, DM)

You say the world's unkind, you know it's true.
How can you be so blind to all the love that surrounds you?
Oh, you're turning round. Oh, you're coming down.
You look into my eyes but you don't see
Beyond the drunken lies that pick at your festered memory.
Oh, you're fallen down. Oh, you’re turning round.
When will you leave the past behind?
Stop chasing shadows through the wall.
Just look around and you may find
That there's something worthwhile after all.
The time has come for you to turn away
From all the pain you cause
Through all the hurtful things you say
They screw you round. Oh, they bring you down.

I need a piano. I want to get the chords down for all the songs I've written before I lose the ability to remember them. But a full size piano won't fit in my apartment. Oh, it might if I rearranged things a bit more, but it would still make my little hovel even  . . . littler. Maybe I can find a small electric keyboard somewhere. Hell, I may even have another song in me.

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