Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Daily {W}rite February 2o17 WKo1

Politics thrown in my face, politicians shouting out the demagoguery. A mess our American life has become. Australia, Great Brittan, countries that are our friends, our best friends have been bashed by this new President we got. This clown threatens Iran with war and pretty much everybody in the world if he doesn't get his way. He scares me.
I've been writing quite a bit of poetry the last week or so. Maybe I'll gear up my poetry page and start showing those a bit.

I'm confined to the REAL world today, incarcerated by myself for my own good, I'm supposing because how would I, could I possibly do something harmful to my own fleshy existence. No, please, don't bring up my suicide. It was a long time ago. I was doing a lot of speed and alcohol at the time, I wasn't eating right . . . besides, I did die and having done so once, I'm not interested in doing it again.  The afterlife? Well, I did see something on my trip through oblivion: that static you see on the TV when the station goes "off air." That's what I saw. Pretty much, eternity seems to be even less comprehensive than this REAL REALITY we appear to be stuck in. So it is. The REAL world is like a muddied wading that we must all trudge through together or totally alone. A benefit would be to have as many friends as you can to help slog through the muck. Or if you are satisfied with the notion of traveling existence on your own, perhaps you could wish yourself a bit taller than everyone else. Less of the mud could hit you in the eye then.

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