Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Daily {W}rite January, 2o17 WK o1

A whole year gone by in what seemed to be a single breath! A new beginning started today on this first day of the first month of a new, a brand new year! The end to all the sufferings of 2o16!

It takes 365.25 days to go around the Sun and wind-up exactly where we started.  A solar or tropical year is 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes, and 46 seconds. The Tropical Year  is used for most astronomical calculations.

The rate at which the Earth spins: An object on the Earth's equator travels once around the Earth's circumference. This is about 24,901 miles per day. To calculate speed, divide that distance by 23hr, 56m, 4sec to reach the figure of 1,040 mph.

So, in about 365.25 days, I'll be wishing you a Happy New Year that will not be much different than the one I'm wishing you now. That may be either a pessimistic or optimistic prediction. We'll see for sure . . . next time around. :)

A musician friend of mine asked me to write her some lyrics and she, in turn, would put them to music. I slammed this out pretty fast having recently OD'd on the new Rolling Stones album and feeling a bit despondent during this first day of the . . . but I'm already repeating myself and we've barely started 2017! Oh, well.
2017 Blues (The First Poem of 2017)

Another night killing me
the darkness dark as it can be.
There are no dreams for comforting

these deadly thoughts surrounding me.

Gun to my head, knife to my throat
a goodbye note that’s all she wrote
no tears, no sounds of regret
forgotten long before I can forget.

light a candle to the night
turn the darkness into light.
Find a simple sort of fantasy
to help me through this insanity.

Word to paper, paper and pen
uppers and downers, adrenaline
pumping like gas through my veins
is there a chance I’ll see her again?

Burnt and broken, sad as sin.
Begin again, begin again.
No stranger to this loneliness
but no heart left to begin again.
Woodie o1-o1-17

Monday, January o2, 2o17
Went to lunch with David's kids. Talked movies a bit with Brendan, and watched my tongue for the most part. Brendan and me don't share the same opinions on movies and we both tend to be pretty fiery about our personal opinions. So, I tried NOT to get to "feverish" about my own.  After that, David and I went to a local car dealer to see if David could purchase  a new ride. Proved to be a bust so it looks like we ARE headed to Midwest City to another car dealer tomorrow.

On the way home from having lunch with his kids and looking at cars we had this conversation:
David: How come you didn't eat lunch? I would have bought you lunch.
Woodie: I got money.
David: Then why didn't you eat?
Woodie just wanted some tea . . .
David: No, what's the real reason?
Woodie: Well . . .
David: Yeah . . . ?
Woodie: You said we were going to go to Popeye's today and . . .
David: Oh, damn! I thought I told you that we weren't going today.
Woodie: Not until we were on the road to go have lunch with your kids.

And David apologized over and over again and I kept saying, "Don't worry about it. it's no big deal," and it wasn't but the apologies kept coming. I got home and the phone rings and it's David and he's still apologizing!

David: I'm horrible friend.
Woodie: No, you're a great friend. You're just a lousy father."
And we laughed and the world was made whole again, righted on its axis and we made plans to go to Midwest City tomorrow to find him a car and . . . stop by POPEYE'S!

Saturday, January o7-17
So, didn't write as much as I wanted to this first week of the first month of 2o17. I've been a little sick. Bad backache  from sleeping on a short couch for the last six years! I'm guessing at that. But found me some good over the counter pain killers, and I'm feeling better.

Big thought jump to:
But my mind is all numbed out by sixty-eight years of existence. I believe that a person is the total sum of his biology and the effect of the environment he or she grew up in. Aging and memory. Those two things together lock us up in a
psychological and physical looping of everything that ever happened to us. And I hate it. I don't want to be the sum total of my experiences. I don't want my past to determine how I respond to the world here and now and in the future  . . . if there is one for me. Been studying the philosophy of String Theory and I've come to my own conclusions about it, which I'm sure will piss off the purists who believe human behavior and Quantum Mechanics have nothing in common. My little theory is that the string that binds our minds are made of memories. What we are in the present is mostly based on what we have experienced in the past. The past defines us, cripples us in some ways to always react to our present the same way we learned to respond to it in the past. But this is enough for tonight. I'll start the second week of the first month of the new year tomorrow and hope NOT to procrastinate anymore. See ya!


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